Saturday Noise

Workers across the road started their Saturday work on the neighbors’ roof at 7:30. They are making a ton of noise with their music. Normally, I wouldn’t mind but it’s a Saturday, and I have a toddler who prefers to sleep until at least 8:30. I tried attracting their attention but they are very high up and the music is loud.

I don’t blame them for wanting to get started early given that it is already extremely hot and will get much worse before 9 am. But it’s a residential neighborhood. People want to sleep in.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Noise”

  1. Are you implying that this is the first time EVER you encountered this sort of thing in your community?
    …that this isn’t the “everyday norm” for you?

    Damn!, it’s been the norm for me for at least a good 4 or 5 years now! And I’m SICK OF IT!!!
    …a society that demands unconditional reverence and respect but can’t reciprocate in kind to those it extorts “favors” from.


    1. My neighbors are usually great in this regard. But this time the owners of the house left and the workers are doing things their own way.

      I usually love salsa music but not at 7 am when I have a sleeping toddler in the house.


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