It Would Be Funny

This is yet another college sex war but it’s even worse than the mattress lady story, I promise. I quit reading halfway through it was so annoying.

10 thoughts on “It Would Be Funny”

  1. Reminds me of a related story:

    Several years ago I read an article about traffic accidents in China involving drivers hitting pedestrians. The article told of a Chinese woman who ran over a little girl in the street, then backed over the child repeatedly to make sure that she was dead.

    The article explained that in China it was better from a financial standpoint to kill someone you’d injured than to leave them alive. If you killed them, there was a one-time blood-money fine to pay — but if you only crippled them, you’d end up paying long-term care bills for years.


  2. “I quit reading halfway through”
    Probably a good thing for your blood pressure after detailing the whole absurd kangaroo court scenario the author is obviously afraid of being accused of wrongthink and puts in stuff about how well the system worked and how much good #metoo has done…
    All in all I guess it’s a good thing that institutions of higher education aren’t facing more serious challenges so that they can pour so much time and so many resources into helping a silly girl process her emotions and keep her special princess self-image alive….


    1. I’m especially sorry for the poor drama teacher. She’s just sitting there quietly, trying to teach her course when this whole thing is unleashed.

      Jokes aside, it’s sad that a young girl had been so brainwashed into the tenets of this prudish morality that she honestly thinks there’s something here to report. Also, all the conversations she has with the poor bloke over a pathetic little snogging session are so ridiculous. What’s there to talk about? God.

      (I’m in London and the spell check is refusing to write the American version of snogging. Seriously. )


  3. Remember back in the ’70s, when everybody was more enthusiastically into sex, how “getting laid” was supposed to be some magic formula for alleviating any kind of self-esteem issues one may have had?
    Like, if life was bothering you, or you were distressed or upset over some kind of personal issue, there would always be someone who’d comment “I think you just need to get laid. That would calm you down a bit.”
    Yeah, like if one is having financial problems having sex with some stranger is sure to straighten that issue out in a hurry, right? (Not!!!)

    …but, again, that was the ’70s. It is now the “twenty-teens”, the age of the “High-Tech Victorian Era” (I guess).


      1. From the bits and pieces of my own interpersonal interactions I can remember from back in that period of recent antiquity, sex was (more or less) looked at as being fun, eternally desirable—even recreational (if not a panacea for “personal salvation” of sorts—which might explain why prostitutes were looked upon as some kind of “cultural heroines” of sorts by the obsessively promiscuous)
        …a far cry from the modern-day attitudes of anything sexual somehow being this “threat to humanity”


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