A Protest Strategy

When Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) and his wife, Heidi, were confronted by protesters at an Italian restaurant in Washington last month — as Kavanaugh’s nomination was teetering amid sexual assault allegations — the grim-faced couple quickly ducked out as activists chanted, “We believe survivors!”

But when video of the episode was uploaded and went viral, it boosted Cruz, rather than his critics.

Ya think? How very shocking. Who could have possibly predicted this. Except for every single person with a functioning brain.

I have always felt the deepest contempt for Cruz. The guy just gets on my nerves. I can’t listen to his voice without cringing. He’s unctuous and he looks like a reptile. And don’t even start me on his politics. You know how some people hate Trump? They can’t even look at him they are so disgusted. That’s how I always felt about Cruz.

But after the restaurant video, I watched a full news segment featuring Cruz with something akin to sympathy. I don’t like seeing a person ganged up on. No matter who that person is. The image of a group hounding a person makes me feel compassion and relate to whoever is mobbed.

It’s like these protesters or whatever they call themselves are desperate to help Cruz win an election he was poised to lose. And of course he’s no fool, he plays it up, tells the story in a way that makes him sound almost human.

Who comes up with these dumbass strategies is a mystery.

2 thoughts on “A Protest Strategy”

  1. Hi Clarissa,

    You’re beginning to sound more and more like a Republican with each passing day. The Democrats on the other hand have shown themselves to be completely and totally incapable of rational thought and discourse.

    On the other hand, the Democrats seem to want President Trump to win. I mean why else would supposedly rational and cogent representatives of the people go so completely berserk and deliberately discredit themselves, unless of course it’s a plot to hand the Republicans a mid term victory.



    1. I know! It’s scary. But it’s not my fault if the Democrats have been overrun by the crazy fringe. It’s like the Republican Tea Party. Loud, small and bad for the brand. 🙂

      I’m hoping the Democrats will go back to reason. Regional Democrats are great, actually. Meaning on the state level. They do real work, I’m totally into them. But I see these Hironos, Blumenthals, and Gillibrands, and I want to hide. So yeah…


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