For the first time, I’m spending time with some actual Germans (as opposed to English-speaking Germanists). They are wonderful, fun people with an amazing sense of humor, a Spanish that’s almost as good as mine, and a lot of local pride.

“I love German food,” I shared with one of the German professors.

He gave me a perplexed look.

“But you just said you’ve never been to Bavaria before?”

“No, but I’ve been to Berlin.”

“But their food is horrible. It’s disgusting swill. The only good food in Germany is in Bavaria!”

7 thoughts on “Bayern”

  1. I love Berlin, but it is the absolute low point when it comes to German food. Fortunately, there’s no need to eat German food in Berlin because there are thousands of great restaurants run by immigrants – Turkish, Greek, Italian, Israeli, Indian, Thai, etc.


    1. I don’t know. I loooved German food in Berlin, and the food here in Bayern, I’m not impressed. The Bavarian sausages are underwhelming, and I’m a person who has never found a sausage she doesn’t love. The only thing I love from Bavarian food so far is the local mustard. I could eat nothing but this mustard for a week and never get tired.


      1. And before anybody asks, I’m hanging out with real Bayerische Volk who took me to the most typical local places.

        The beer was sensational, that’s for sure. I hate beer everywhere but in Germany because it stinks and tastes like donkey pee. But in Germany it’s paradise.


        1. I’ll take your word for it because I’ve never had a beer I really like, ever. I just don’t like hops.

          The sausages can’t be worse than hot dogs or supermarket andouille.

          Did you just miss Oktoberfest? (I don’t know where in Bavaria you’re staying )


          1. Yeah, the sausages aren’t that bad, of course, but nothing like the ones in Berlin. I had this potato soup there with a sausage cut into a ribbon and arranged as a flower and, God, it was like a religious experience.


    2. ” in Berlin because there are thousands of great restaurants run by immigrants ”

      I’m thinking of a working visit a few years ago… the first night we all ate at a wonderful Malaysian restaurant, the second at a very good Levantine one and the last night… at a Bavarian one (in a large beer hall type place in old East Berlin) it was very good (and esily the best beer of the trip) but it felt just as foreign as the others….


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