Enjoy Life

Went on FB for the first time in a while. Scrolled down the feed. Saw the word Kanye mentioned in 90% of posts. Exited FB in such a rush that I almost broke the charger.

Those who know why Kanye is in the news, please don’t tell me. Life is too short.

P.S. It’s 10:30 here and the conference is over. At least, for me. The rest of the participants are still out drinking, celebrating, and debating. I envy their resilience.

7 thoughts on “Enjoy Life”

      1. He’s a rapper. He and Trump are friends….to whatever extent Trump is capable of having friends.

        Kanye is also famous for running up on stage at an awards show and telling singer Taylor Swift (who had just won an award) that Beyonce (another singer) should have won because she made the greatest music video of all time. OF ALL TIME!!! (Yes, he said it twice. With emphasis.)

        Since Trump likes to brag about his electoral college victory, I joked that Kanye should start running up on stages and telling people that Trump had the greatest electoral college victory of all time. OF ALL TIME!!!


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