UBI Enthusiast Sees the Light

A great article on the UBI as a taxpayer-funded gift for Zuckerberg and Co:

To the rescue comes UBI. The policy was once thought of as a way of taking extreme poverty off the table. In this new incarnation, however, it merely serves as a way to keep the wealthiest people (and their loyal vassals, the software developers) entrenched at the very top of the economic operating system. Because of course, the cash doled out to citizens by the government will inevitably flow to them.

And more:

Under the guise of compassion, UBI really just turns us from stakeholders or even citizens to mere consumers. Once the ability to create or exchange value is stripped from us, all we can do with every consumptive act is deliver more power to people who can finally, without any exaggeration, be called our corporate overlords.

The author is a former UBI enthusiast who saw how enthusiastic Silicone Valley is for it and realized what was going on.

I recommend the whole thing. God, at least there’s somebody willing to think about stuff and change his mind.

One thought on “UBI Enthusiast Sees the Light

  1. Yes. We won’t fund libraries or public schools or other basic institutions, but we will give people money to spend on Amazon.


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