Murdered Journalists

The same folks who shrugged off what was done to Litvinenko, Nemtsov, and so many others by a country that is neither an ally nor a valuable business partner are suddenly very worried about Khashoggi. Suddenly the fate of journalists murdered by brutal regimes is of utmost importance.

I understand that there is nothing more important than partisanship but to use a brutal murder to make some idiotic point about Trump is low. But why am I surprised if most of the coverage on the tragedy of Hurricane Michael begins and ends with Trump?

And what’s the point anyway? Those who keep ranting about Trump speak exclusively to the audience that has already heard them say a gabizillion times how much they hate him. It’s like they seek out any opportunity to talk about the object of their passion. If there is a slightest chance to emote about him, they’ll take it.

But in what concerns Khashoggi, the ranting is misplaced. The policy of the US has for a very long time been not to interfere in whatever powerful authoritarian regimes around the world do to journalists. Does anybody want to hear about a Russian journalist who was raped for 18 hours straight with all sorts of objects after which he died of his injuries? Do you want to hear about Litvinenko who was a citizen of a friendly country when he was murdered in an absolutely egregious way? None of it prevented Hillary from starting her chirpy “reset” with Russia. None of it prevented Obama from letting Russia do absolutely anything it wanted anywhere in the world. Let’s talk about how Hillary and Obama profited from their cushy relationship with Russia, shall we?

But no, unless it feeds the Trump obsession, nobody gives a crap about anything at all. I don’t know why I keep feeling shocked by this.

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