More Job Wars

For those who are interested in the subject of white-collar job wars,here is an interesting link. Fear, uncertainty, fluidity. The only goal here is to make it easy to get rid of workers while ensuring they’ll never work anywhere again. The immigrants are particularly screwed but it’s not progressive to care about immigrants past the point of crossing the border.

After a while, it will be “I saw him without a badge 14 years ago! He’s a hater, he’s a Nazi! I feel unsafe! Can he prove I didn’t see him without a badge 14 years ago? No? Let’s assure our safety by throwing him out!”

No, it will never happen. But if it does, those affected will totally deserve it.

4 thoughts on “More Job Wars”

  1. Re caring about immigrants, it may be viewed as a progressive version of melting pot ideology. The moment one crosses the border, it is his own fault if he fails to follow the latest trends.

    Another explanation is viewing those trends as universal proof of being human, so everyone is naturally supposed to practice them.

    Btw, why do you think educated immigrants are too unobservant and stupid to ape those practices and present the desired mask to superiors? From other posts, I thought immigrants were phenomenal at presenting the desired image.

    Also, when you say “No, it will never happen,” I am already unsure whether it is sarcastic.


    1. Yeah, one can ape if one is smart enough. I did write a diversity statement in the end. And on that day I went and watched an entire show on Fox News beginning to end for the first time ever. :-)))))


  2. “BBC staff have been told to use non- binary pronouns when addressing gender-fluid or transgender employees.”

    I hope this isn’t the actual policy because most transgender people…don’t want that.


    1. That’s precisely it. This is not about trying to create a better environment for transgender workers. It’s about creating an insecure environment for everybody.


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