NYTimes: China’s Watchful Eye Reaches Into the Classroom

Soon coming to a classroom near you:

Authorities are combiningMao-era human spying practices with new surveillance technology to ferret out outspoken professors and students who fail to follow Communist Party ideology.

Hey, I once mildly suggested that trigger warnings might not be for everybody and immediately got accused of wanting to re-traumatize rape victims by one of the exalted individuals discussed in the previous post. There are many easy ways to automate the process of condemning evildoers like me based on horrific misdeeds like this one.

One thought on “NYTimes: China’s Watchful Eye Reaches Into the Classroom”

  1. Don’t worry about this technology coming to American classrooms.

    Google, while cravenly caving in to Chinese censorship rules on its Internet services that Google once said it would never allow, is showing its patriotism by refusing to work with the U.S. Defense Department to develop advanced technology to compete with/counter Chinese digital attacks on America.


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