Incredibly, I just heard a smart idea on immigration on Fox News. Somebody said that processing centers for asylum claims should be set up everywhere in Central America so that people don’t have to trudge in horrible conditions across several borders only to be turned back in the end.

I’m completely in favor of setting up such centers to make the process less disruptive, humiliating, and dangerous for the migrants. But it won’t happen because then the migrants can’t be used to rile up voters here in the US.

3 thoughts on “Caravans”

  1. The problem with processing centers is that they can only work with increased monitoring at the border (in some form). Otherwise there’s nothing to stop those turned away at the processing center from heading north anyway (especially since Latin America is a little like Eastern Europe – a plethora of nonsensical and dysfunctional rules and laws socialize people into ignoring any inconvenient rule).
    Both incentives for lawful and disincentives for unlawful behavior are needed.


    1. I believe that all processing of immigration / asylum claims at the border should stop completely and immediately. This is a remnant of a long-gone era before the technological revolution. It’s time to let it go. Immigration changed, so processing should change.


      1. “processing of immigration / asylum claims at the border should stop completely ”

        What I’m saying is that if Maria X applies for asylum/immigration at a processing center in Tegucigalpa and is turned down, she’s liable to shrug and head north anyway. The US border needs to be pretty thoroughly monitored (or walled up or some combination of both). Without strict border controls it’s de facto open borders (for people and drugs).


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