This has got to be a parody. But if it isn’t, there is something not together right with the petitioners because it took me quite a while to figure out what they thought “NIPS” alluded to.

How old are these folks to react in such a way?

9 thoughts on “#ProtestNIPS

      1. The common World War II racial slur “Nips” was a shortening of “Nippon,” a long-archaic English name for Japan that some Japanese businesses still use in their formal titles today (the huge Japanese “Higashi-Nippon Bank,” for example). It was considered a more intense slur than “Japs.”

        Television movie channels no longer show those old wartime films where John Wayne would grab a case of dynamite and yell, “Come on! We’ll blast those Nips back forty generations!”


        1. “It was considered a more intense slur than “Japs.””

          Which is why the series “The Man in the High Castle” uses an invented(?) slur for the Japanese occupiers -‘pons’.


  1. I am sorry to say that I know enough of the situation that I know it’s not a parody. But there’s more politics behind it than meets the eye, and there are other agendas at stake than just protesting the name. And I’ll stop here.


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