One of the most pronounced characteristics of the neoliberal mentality is competitiveness. Life is a competition, and other humans are the enemy that you need to beat.

This competitiveness isn’t limited to the economic and professional sphere. It infects everything. Look at how the entire political discourse is about people insisting that they are better, kinder, more moral, more aware than others. Policy is a complete afterthought. Nobody really cares much about policy because it’s all about winning the competition for the title of the most wonderful human being.

The problem with this approach is not only that it kills politics by turning it into a competition between inane positions but also that it destroys solidarity. And that’s the whole reason why the moral competitiveness exists. Unlike the economic and professional competitiveness, it brings no benefit. All it does is feed the neoliberal need to compete and win, even when the competition is utterly spurious.

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