NYTimes: America — and Judaism — at Its Best

Of course, one can believe this bunch of silly stuff, or one can find out the truth. The following obviously doesn’t mean any endorsement for the actions of the crazed anti-Semite who shot up a synagogue in Pittsburgh.

HIAS made a fortune for a bunch of “professional charity folks,” which as everybody knows, is the greediest, nastiest profession. In the 1990s, they had a nifty little business trying to convince post-Soviet Jews that they were under horrible threat from anti-Semitism and needed to emigrate immediately. They existed on donations from rich American Jews whom they fed ridiculous stories about the non-existent suffering of post-Soviet Jews. A tiny percentage of the donations went into bringing the “refugees” (a more ridiculous word for this particular cohort could hardly be found since these were overwhelmingly very highly educated and / or financially comfortable people) over to the US. The rest enriched the organization’s employees, like happens in every charitable organization.

The people who had to be lured into claiming refugee status by these HIAS folks had absolutely no need to emigrate. Emigration was a catastrophe to them because they lost their professions and their economic status. As a result, they formed the miserable and unassimilable communities of Brighton Beach and Co.

And then there were no more post-Soviet Jews to use in this nasty game. But the HIAS folks had gotten used to their comfortable lifestyles and needed to keep milking the rich donors. So they invented a new cause and went hunting for more refugees elsewhere.

As I said, none of this means they deserved any violence to be done to them. I hope that is understood. The maniac who shot up the synagogue has no excuse and should be locked up forever. But I don’t see a reason to sugar-coat the truth about this organization.

P.S. Anybody who wants to argue with me about this needs to have the same intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the organization and have had experience working for it and having family members and friends in the leadership and rank-and-file in the time period in question. I’m not interested in opinions because I have the actual knowledge.

2 thoughts on “NYTimes: America — and Judaism — at Its Best

  1. I suspect that many of your readers — at least, the non-Jewish, non-Russian ones like me — had never even heard of HIAS until the shooter referenced it in his online rants.


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