Holiday Cards

The author of the linked article frets that men’s names always appear before women’s on holiday cards and then details the process by which the cards are created:

Does a man appear in your head when reading any of the following tasks…

1/ Picking out and coordinating the color theme for the holiday cards.

2/ Calling and negotiating with a local photographer (must be done in September because they book up by October.)

3/ Finding a Saturday morning where the whole family is free and then driving the family to the beach / mountains / somewhere 20-30mins away from their house that is both scenic and rustic that was pre-determined by her and the photographer.

4/ Ironing said clothes for the chosen color scheme, including the dog bandana found on Etsy.

5/ Writing copy to include a politically correct, but mass-appeal joke so everyone knows their family is the “fun” one.

6/ Addressing every envelope in the calligraphy from that class they took four years ago before they had kids and realized that hobbies no longer had a place in their life.

7/ And finally…signing the cards.

And I’m like, God, I put less effort into writing an article for publication than these folks put in their Christmas cards. These people have much greater issues than whose name is signed first. And how old are they, anyway? You can do all this with an app that will even do calligraphy for you if you want. I have a friend who does the kind of thing outlined in the quote but she is almost 70 and her kids are all older than me. I don’t think she did any of it when her 5 kids were little.

2 thoughts on “Holiday Cards”

  1. Holiday cards are a THING people do to demonstrate their sociability and create an image of their happy, photogenic, brilliant family. I think some people just keep it on top of all the Facebook/Instagram things. [Annual holiday letters are a thing of the past with these platforms.]

    And yes, sans calligraphy, it’s work. My cousin doesn’t handwrite stuff but she’s getting all that into Shutterfly. She loves those staged photos. [It’s always professional photos with these things. It was Olan Mills in our generation and now it’s private photographers.] My other cousin’s husband is an amateur hobby photographer so they send out holiday cards with pictures taken on SLR lenses too.

    OT: What are your opinions on the cheese and charcuterie baskets people send around this time?


    1. Who’s sending charcuterie baskets? I’ve spent my whole life dreaming that somebody would send me a charcuterie basket. I love charcuterie!!! It’s gotten to the point where I’m seriously considering sending one to myself.

      I’ve even sent people links to my favorite websites that send these baskets. And nobody is getting the hint!

      Sorry for the rant but it’s a sore point.


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