Hazony on Anti-Semitism

Whenever anybody appears with a totalizing narrative of the “I am the truth and the light” variety, Jews are screwed. Christianity, the Spanish empire, the Nazi Germany, the USSR. Totalizing mentalities that want to bless the whole planet with “the only real truth” don’t dig Jews because they always want to be doing their own thing.

Global liberalism is as triumphantly self-righteous and totalizing as anybody else. It’s positively religious in its zeal to convert and punish the unfaithful.

So why should anybody be surprised that anti-Semitism is on the rise again? Another recipe for universal happiness always means another wave of Jew-hatred.

3 thoughts on “Hazony on Anti-Semitism”

  1. In light of this analysis, do you not see the value in Israel as a nation state of the Jewish people, even if nation states are losing their power?

    Jews enjoyed having independence in the Middle East 2000 years ago despite nation states not existing then.

    Why would not independence help our people even after the end of the classical nation state?


  2. Does he mention Gypsies? They are even more a “we’re doing our own thing here” group (though they tend to stay more in motion and so make harder targets).
    They also tend to lack public advocates (part of them doing their own thing is rejecting formal non-Gypsy education).


  3. I may be wrong, since I am not Jewish and some manifestations of Anti-Semitism may go unnoticed by me. But I do not see this “anti-Semitism-as-part-of-the-globalist-agenda”. The Anti-Semitism I see is coming from the perspective of various nationalisms of other nations- e.g. Palestinian, some Israeli’s Arab neighbors, some Eastern-European countries, any kind of X-landia for X-landers types of people… I see it mostly as being about competition of nationalisms. In fact I would say that a lot of Anti-Semites I know of justify their Anti-Semitism by Jews being the agents of globalization….


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