In Florida

I’m in Florida! The best state in the union (in spite of the voting recounts).

Why do I even have to leave?

9 thoughts on “In Florida

    1. No, it’s ridiculously poorly run. It’s deeply corrupt, too, from what I’ve seen. But I love it.

      I’m not talking about Ukraine, in case anyone is confused.


      1. It’s a beautiful wonderful place to retire. And visit. And snowbird. :-))

        I love the weather at this time of year. I put on pants for the hell of it. [Although it has been really hot this year so pants season only started last week.]


      2. “poorly run. It’s deeply corrupt, too… But I love it”
        That’s very similar to how I feel about Greece, the worst political culture in the EU and corrupt and feckless and prone to irrational outrage about nonsense (like the name Macedonia) but I love being there…..


    1. Of course. I come every summer for weeks to escape from the intolerable heat. The weather is so much more pleasant in Florida. It’s never as hot and oppressive as in Illinois because there’s water nearby and water brings a breeze.


  1. Hah, Florida has the nerve to called itself “The Sunshine State,” when Arizona has 22% more sunshiny days and 271% less rainy days! Also, Florida is the most humid state in the country, and Arizona is the 2nd least humid. On top of that, the cloudless Arizona skies and the thinner (lower water content) atmosphere mean that more of the sunlight actually makes it to the ground in desert locations than on a swampy, coast-ridden peninsula.

    Plus, virtually no flying insects outdoors (and far fewer indoor crawling ones), lower cost of living, vastly fewer obnoxious Yankee tourists, fewer 75-year-old snowbirds driving on the winter highways at 30 mph, far better politics (usually — okay, this election was a rare exception)…

    You want to escape the intolerable summer Illinois heat — and who can blame you? The Illinois summers are almost as bad as its bone-chilling Antarctic-level winters — come vacation in Arizona, and you’ll never want to leave.

    (No, the Arizona Chamber of Commerce didn’t pay me to write this!)


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