New Year’s Fun

Folks, do you know what’s real fun? Asking Alexa to play “Russian music.” It offers the weirdest mix of hardcore Soviet propaganda songs (which were actually really good music and lyrics) and super trashy perestroika-era songs. We are pissing ourselves with laughter here.

I Hate AT&T

I hate AT&T. Which is not a fresh sentiment but I have a new reason to detest it. Its workers were laying cable in my street and somehow made the transformer explode. Now we have no electricity. It’s below freezing, so that’s bad news. The AT&T guy who blew the transformer told me they had no idea how to fix it and just kept digging.

The neighbors next door are having a huge brunch party. The neighbors across the street have a house full of visiting relatives from out of town. They are all very unhappy. Everybody has a fridge full of food for the holidays.

AT&T are dumb fucks.

Time Management

From a Ukrainian website:

Time management strategies were invented by people who don’t need them for people who are incapable of using them.

Today, I have the following tasks:

1. Workout

2. Pedicurist

3. Two syllabi, one of which is a new preparation.

4. Photocopying texts for the next semester and placing them on BB.

5. Adding 300 words to my MLA talk.

6. Grading at least 6 final essays.

7. Folding laundry.

8. Quality time with family.

The pedicurist always says, “I prefer to work with your sister. She talks to me.” Today she’ll have to work in silence again, unfortunately.

Protein Boxes

We have this really great thing at the locally owned grocery store where for $19.96 they sell a large box containing four smaller boxes with different kinds of protein. It can be split chicken breasts, pork chops, hamburger, and drumsticks, for example. Each smaller box lasts us two days. So you end up having your protein solved for the whole week for under $20.

And before you decide it’s shitty meat they want to get rid of fast, remember that I’m a great cook. Nobody can palm off bad meat on me.

These protein boxes make me very happy. Yes, I sound crazy. But 98% of what we eat is homemade from scratch. It’s neither easy nor cheap.