How Well-Traveled Are You?

My score is 19. Who’s got more?

Visited means actually stayed for a while, not just passed through or had a layover.

22 thoughts on “How Well-Traveled Are You?

  1. 😦

    A couple of them give you two points, though, which is annoying. If you’ve been to Paris you get another point for France, even if you only went to Paris. Same with Sydney and Australia.


  2. 😦

    Some of them will give you two points, though, which is annoying. If you went to Paris you get another point for France. Same goes for Sydney and Australia.


  3. 18 currently, but I’ll be tied with you after next month! Also, that’s not counting places I’ve only connected through, or places I’m reasonably certain I’ve been to, but I don’t remember what I did there. However, three of those places I’ve actually lived in, so I’m not sure those should count πŸ˜‰


      1. It’s a Canadian test. Otherwise, why would all the Canadian provinces be listed?

        I don’t see any Provinces listed, only Canadian cities. Also, a lot of Canadian Provinces seem not to be listed at all, such as Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, British Columbia, etc.


  4. OK, I’ve got 27 plus one that’s questionable. There’s a Whitehorse in NJ, although I don’t think that’s the one you meant. I’m also annoyed that the list didn’t include some important locations like Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Amsterdam or Dubai. However, I have one Ukrainian friend (former co-worker, single, rich, travels every weekend, speaks 6+ languages fluently) who has done every city on the list — last count, 19 visits to Tokyo.


  5. I got an 8… weird test, Canadians are a strange and eccentric people, for sure. I’m not entirely sure that I believe they truly exist and are not an elaborate practical joke carried out by the residents of the northern US.

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  6. 21, though I suppose a good deal of this has to do with a former employer who had me travel all across Canada back in the day. πŸ™‚ A couple I didn’t count though… Kentucky, I mainly passed through, though in total time there, I’ve probably spent more time in Kentucky than either New Jersey or Mexico or Italy, although all three of those places were “destinations”. I was good and didn’t count Iceland, though back in the day, a classmate and I managed to convince someone at the airport to give us the “commemorative” stamp in our passports, though we weren’t doing anything but passing through the airport, unfortunately.


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