Productivity: Bullet Journaling

Any bullet journalists here? I’m a recent convert, and I’m loving it. It’s best for people with complex, multi-component lives. The collections feature is so simple but it’s exactly what I’ve been missing.

4 thoughts on “Productivity: Bullet Journaling

    1. Oh! Finally, a sister spirit! :-))

      My drawing skills are non-existent, so I just do the basic thing. But the collections are extremely convenient because I now have everything in one place.


  1. I am glad you found a system that works.

    I have tried many organization principles/planners/whatnot and abandoned all. Ultimately, they are all needlessly frilly for me. So I have embraced my congenital inability to stick with planners and lists and these days I go with my memory, the calendar on my phone with some notification, and an occasional post-it on the monitor.


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