The conference in DC is do badly placed that instead of DC I have to stay in some sorry-ass place called Alexandria, which Google says is only good for shopping and eating at fancy foodie places. Neither of which I want to do. I wanted to go to museums and eat at Mari Vanna, which, it turns out, is too far away from this useless place.

Has anybody heard anything good about Alexandria?

9 thoughts on “Alexandria

  1. I’ve stayed there for a conference, it’s practically part of DC. The subway is right there and you’ll be in DC in no time.


      1. The DC subway is really very safe. But it always feels a little creepy because many of the stations are very deep underground, they keep the lighting rather low, and for some reason, people tend to speak very quietly (by American standards) on the trains.


  2. My daughter has a vocal coach who lives in Alexandria. Our train on the way to and from Birmingham stopped in Alexandria. It does not make very many stops, so Alexandria must be significant, somehow.


  3. BTW, Physicist at Large and Pagan Topologist will disappear soon; Google is closing down on April 2, according to an email I received from them yesterday.


  4. I can’t stand it. I have to go there for a conference twice a year, three times this year. But by subway you can get into DC easily. Near the subway stop in Crystal City/Pentagon is a Nordstrom where the people at the makeup counter have better advice than the makeup counter people here at home, so there’s that.


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