Unusual Challenge, Day 6

My unusual deed for the day was a bit pathetic: I took a caffeine pill, which is unheard of for me. But I didn’t get enough sleep and spent all day walking around in a daze. I hate this new reality in which I need to sacrifice a third of my life to stupid sleep in order to be able to function.

Why a gallbladder surgery should have caused this is a mystery.

I promise a much more exciting unusual activity tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Unusual Challenge, Day 6

  1. Free medical advice:

    You should have drunk five cups of coffee instead. (Five 4 oz. cups = 200 mg. caffeine, same as a NoDoz tablet.) That would definitely keep you awake, because you’d be running to the bathroom every ten minutes.

    Caffeine tablets are very addictive, anyway. Now that you’ve taken one, you’re probably hooked.


  2. An unusual challenge I want to suggest is watching an episode of Game of Thrones.

    The production values are great. It is almost as good as the books, which is rare for any video-adapted literature.


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