Who’s with me on eagerly anticipating the release of Rammstein’s new album on May 17?

The first two tracks are really great. And I understand most of the lyrics in “Deutschland”!

It’s almost worth going back to listening music.

9 thoughts on “Rammstein”

  1. I agree. ‘Deutschland’ is a great song. It’s a poignant lament over the state and history of their nation. ‘Radio’ is a nice break from the sorrow…it’s just a lot of fun. Being an old radio technician, it makes me sentimental. Of course, both accompanying videos are made to incite strong reactions, but that’s just Rammstein. They really are in a way the best trolls out there.


  2. As a long-time reader of Clarissa’s Blog, the thing that really struck me about the video for Deutschland is that it anticipates (celebrates?) the future death of the nation stat/the idea of nation. I’ve read and listened to a fair amount of German-language commentary on the song and the video and I’ve yet to see anyone comment on that aspect of it, everyone is too busy analyzing the past to notice that part of the video is in the future.


    1. I didn’t want to say this because people already think I’m obsessive but YES! Thank you for bringing it up!!!

      I’m glad that somebody else is seeing it, so I’m not crazy.


      1. I’m not sure I would have caught that if I hadn’t been tuned into the end of the nation state in your blog. There’s a TON of stuff going on in that video and I’m still not sure what to make of all of it. The thing with Germania presented as Mary giving birth to a litter of dogs makes no sense at all. But things clearly end with the death of Germania. And if this line
        “Deutschland, meine Liebe
        Kann ich dir nicht geben”
        isn’t a stake through the heart of the nation state, I don’t know what is.


  3. “Who’s with me on eagerly anticipating the release of Rammstein’s new album ”

    I am! … is something I cannot honestly say.

    I more… appreciate Rammstsein than actually enjoy them. I used to like some German popular music but I’m very out of date as I’ve been more into Italian and Balkan stuff lately. I should check out more recent stuff but… hmm


    1. If you don’t know them already, I my current recommendations for students interested in German pop music are Peter Fox, Kraftklub, Revolverheld, Marteria, AnnenMayKantereit, and Shaban & Käptn Peng.


      1. “my current recommendations for students interested in German pop music are”

        The only one I recognized was Fox. I lurve ‘haus am see’ and some other stuff by hiim and was distressed today to discover how old it was) I also liked Rosenstolz, the song Manuela by Fettes Brot and some other stuff

        will check out the other stuff (most of what I found today on my own was pretty meh…)


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