Anti-Putin Shaman

There is this anti-Putin shaman in Siberia who thinks he can rid the country of Putin with his magical incantations.

Putin sent 40 heavily armed special ops guys to arrest the unarmed middle-aged shaman. Why? Because he thinks that shaman’s magical incantations actually work.

Yes, he’s that stupid.

Now, in the best Soviet tradition, the poor shaman will be institutionalized and force-fed psychotropics until he goes completely mad.

The shaman had a lot of popular support, by the way. People in his region still live in medieval times.

5 thoughts on “Anti-Putin Shaman

  1. \ Why? Because he thinks that shaman’s magical incantations actually work.

    This is too “rude” anti-Putin PR, especially since your blog is for thinking people.
    Putin surely doesn’t believe in magic, but he does know about bad publicity and the prohibition of mentioning Putin outside of the most flattering context.

    Have been reading kungurov’s blog during the last few days and he says the legitimacy of Putin is going down, likening the regime to a rotten tree. If so, the shaman is like a gust of wind.


  2. “magical incantations”

    A long, long time ago I remember reading a sentence that stuck with me and has explained a lot since. Paraphrasing “Russians aren’t religious, they’re superstitious” the context was the fascination with secret knowledge and ferreting out secrets that the person said permeated Russian society and had always been the prime motivator of the Russian Orthodox Church (full of mysterious rites and access to arcane knowledge).

    I’ve also recently seen a few episodes of the Russian tv series Slepaja (a mystical blind old lady who people come to with their problems) and Gadalka (fortune tellers and their clients) and have been struck by the absolute lack of skepticism the unerring accuracy of the mystics and the complete faith given to all kinds of weird superstitions. I know this is low grade mass entertainment but I’ve never seen the like from any other European country…


    1. Absolutely. This is a great observation. The only aspects of Christianity that Russian speakers respond to are superstitious. It’s so widespread, even among educated people, it’s ridiculous.


  3. A suitable answer to shaman from the authorities would’ve been: Google translate) “And towards the shaman walking from Yakutsk, an enlightened old man comes out of the Athos monastery. And they meet on Red Square and in an honest, non-contact spiritual duel, they find out whose kung fu is cooler.”

    “Представьте себе, что полицейский, получивший страшнейший удар по забралу бумажным стаканчиком, достает в ответ водяной пистолет и поливает водой опасного террориста. А навстречу шаману, идущему пешком из Якутска, из Афонского монастыря выходит просветленный старец. И они встречаются на Красной площади и в честном бесконтактном духовном поединке выясняют, чьё кунг-фу круче. Разве это было бы не прекрасно? Вместо этого на перехват шамана власти высылают группу спецназа, вдвое превышающую по численности отряд, отправленный американцами для уничтожения Бен-Ладена.”

    Is it true that India is showing a concerning trend? From here:

    религиозный национализм


    1. About India: oh yeah. Scary stuff. If there are any folks from India around here, I’m sure they can tell us how they feel about Modi. But it’s scary, indeed.


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