AC Woes

By the way, the AC was set at 67F in the classrooms today. People were perishing. And as I already mentioned, the lights are always on and the AC blasting like crazy in our building irrespective of whether anybody is there. Just think about it. My office lights have been on for decades.

But we all supported the climate strike. It’s such a joke.

7 thoughts on “AC Woes

  1. Sixty-seven degrees is FREEZING!! I keep the thermostats in my house here in Arizona at a very comfortable 82 degrees year-round.

    That Greta Thunberg kid should give me a medal.


    1. He’s obviously being facetious about colonization.

      But I saw a snippet of this Greta’s talk on TV yesterday and… that made me see things in a new light. I used to think she was a deluded, unhealthy child. But the talk was rehearsed, fake, and insincere. I don’t think she means any of what she says. I work with teenagers. I see lying teenagers every day.

      I also think that the Asperger’s diagnosis is fake.


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