Open Garage Door

This local habit of leaving the garage door up during the hottest season at the hottest times of day, does anybody know why it exists? And isn’t it too expensive because the AC is on inside? Or does the closed door between the house and the garage insulate the house?

7 thoughts on “Open Garage Door

  1. 1) No idea. Perhaps kids run in and out? Or maybe they think the heat from car will dissipate if air can circulate into the garage?
    2) Yes.
    3) Probably not. Do you notice the garage is hot when you start pulling out of it? Garages aren’t usually insulated/heated/AC’ed like the rest of the houses (up north anyways). That’s why I always had the water at a trickle in the garage during the winter so the pipes wouldn’t freeze and burst.


  2. Every house in my affluent subdivision except mine has a three-car garage. (When my house was being built, I told the builder to convert one-third of the garage into an indoor, air-conditioned storage room that was part of the main house.)

    Guess what? NONE of my neighbors has three cars. They occasionally leave their garage door opened, and half of their garage is filled with spill-over stored items that belong indoors — items that are very tempting to the roving thieves who occasionally drive along my neighborhood streets.

    The only thing in my garage is my irreplaceable 1998 Cadillac Deville. If I left the garage door open, a 90-pound teenager could easily kick his way though the flimsy door between the garage and the storage room.

    Your neighbors are idiots, like mine. (Actually, mine aren’t — they’re good people who seem to like me, for some strange reason. It’s been that way all the years, in all my travels around the world.)


  3. We leave ours open to air it out since there is not a lot of ventilation in the garage. Thought that’s why everyone did it.


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