The Menu

So here’s what I’m making.

Three Soviet salads. The word salad to us means something completely different than what it does to the rest of the world. It’s a 7-10 layer construction where every layer is cooked separately, then the whole thing is painstakingly assembled and left to mature overnight.

Instead of the traditional gefilte fish, I’m making an Israeli recipe of fish marinated in Israeli spices and encrusted in Israeli tahini and then grilled.

Pickled cabbage, tomatoes, and carrots (crucial for good digestion).

Potatoes stewed with Asian mushrooms.

A small charcuterie plate just to have something meat-based on the table because the salads are fish and vegetarian.

Kasha (buckwheat porridge, I guess) for Klara. She requested it, so there’s no need to feel bad for her.

I don’t make desserts, so N purchased five million different kinds. Cake, eclairs, and 4 different kinds of khalva. Everybody at the Global Foods store on Sunday was a Russian speaker. And the store was packed. Everybody was buying up for New Year’s. The great part is that you don’t have to cook for a whole week after New Year’s because there’s so much leftovers.

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