Birthday Program

My birthday program consisted of me lying in bed a d staring placidly out of the window.

But then my sister gave me a makeup refrigerator as a birthday gift. When I plugged it in, I realized that my room wasn’t clean and pretty enough to house the makeup refrigerator. So I started cleaning up like a maniac.

I need to get this party back on track.

15 thoughts on “Birthday Program”

    1. Thank you!!! The blessing of the sausage baskets has been moved to tomorrow afternoon, which is just as well because this way the whole family can go.


      1. ” The blessing of the sausage baskets”

        I caught a mini-service on Pro-TV (Romanian international channel) and then part of a looooooonger service on a Russian channel (service from Moscow)
        The Russian Orthodox church might be corrupt and the patriarch might be a nasty piece of work…. but damn they put on an impressive show (all the more so in the empty, insanely ornate and beautiful church).
        Weirdest thing is the costume change, he began in white and then disappeared and showed up in red… (a few years ago I saw a Moldavian service on tv and the priest kept disappearing into a little chapel inside the church re-emerging in new outfits – it was a little like a fashion show….)


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