Wow, people must have really gone stir-crazy from the quarantines. I’m seeing on the news there are mass protests of George Floyd’s death in Amsterdam and London.

I’m glad they finally found a pretext to go outside.

A Tragedy in STL

God, people, did you see what happened right here in St Louis? A retired police officer called David Dorn was murdered by the mob last night.

I don’t understand (the small minority of) people who say they are against the military being brought out against the mob. What is the alternative? The mob is killing people. A 77-year-old black retired police officer is dead. What is the alternative here? It’s getting worse, people are getting murdered.

Unimportant Carnage

82 people were shot with 22 fatalities over this past weekend in Chicago. This is a lot worse than even the extremely violent Memorial Day weekend this year.

I strongly recommend reading the whole article. These are mostly black lives that don’t matter to the self-righteous snowflakes who studiously avoid noticing this carnage because it isn’t useful for their self-promotion purposes.

The carnage has been going on for decades. But this weekend was really bad. Egging on the people in these neighborhoods to trash them in the name some imaginary social concern makes conditions there worse and violence more likely. As we are seeing in these atrocious numbers.

Literary Criticism in Ukraine

My article in the leading Ukrainian journal of literary criticism has come out! The journal is huge. It’s almost 300 pages long, which is why I only have the .PDF version for now. But it’s a very serious journal, super cool.

And it refers to me as “world-famous,” which is a little embarrassing but in a good way. The article is about Salman Rushdie and Lucy Ellmann and written entirely in captivity.

If anybody here reads Ukrainian and is eager to know what such a world famous person has to say about Rushdie and Ellmann, let me know and I’ll send you the file.

I also had an article on Eastern European immigrants in the Spanish crisis literature come out last week, so things are hopping around here.

Stars at Concordia

Gad Saad works at Concordia University in Montreal?

Wow, I had absolutely no idea.

Concordia has really managed to attract some brilliant people over the years. It’s a different place today to what it was 20 years ago.

I’m very glad to see this.

P.S. You don’t have to agree with Saad on anything to find it exceptional that a college professor can make the words “college professor” so. . . not annoying for so many people.

Intellectualizing the Mob

There was a woman on Twitter, a journalist. Her newspaper’s office was trashed by the mob.

“But we are a progressive newspaper!” she kept exclaiming pitifully.

Members of intelligentsia are terrified of the mob. So they allay their fears by intellectualizing it. Oh, they are for the same progressive values as I am! They won’t hurt me! I’m a good ally and I put up a big BLM sign in front of my house!

But the mob doesn’t care about your progressive newspaper or your BLM sign. The mob wants to trash your office and punch you in the face because it’s fun.

Before the Russian revolution, intelligentsia had egged on “the suffering masses for decades.” The suffering masses in question were former slaves, in a literal way, so nobody can claim their suffering wasn’t real. For a while, they didn’t seem interested in what the intelligentsia was peddling. But then a moment came when the masses blew up and immediately proceeded to whup the intelligentsia’s asses. Then they destroyed civilization, moved into the apartments of the murdered intelligentsia, and passionately supported Stalin.

The journalist with the trashed office soon realized that she wasn’t supposed to be complaining. She started to proclaim that it’s ok for her newspaper to get trashed “if it saves black lives.” She thinks this will protect her from further hurt by the suffering masses. History shows, however, that she will be among the first to get punished by them.