Not Sheep

Hundreds of people at the zoo today wore chin masks for hours. It’s when you push the mask down to under your chin to hold up your lower jaw.

I hope they remember the utterly unnecessary fuss and humiliation of the masks they don’t believe in on November 3.

Of course, it’s just stupid masks, who cares. But add that to the ritual humiliation of privilege trainings, microaggression workshops, lockdowns, peaceful riots… I hope people aren’t total sheep and are paying attention.

Canceling Presidential Campaigning

In 2016, Trump abandoned the traditional campaigning practices of amassing tons of donations and buying a lot of TV ads. He won.

In 2020, Biden is taking this even further. He’s not campaigning at all. No press conferences, no rallies, the campaign shuts down by 9:30 am at the latest day after day. And nobody seems to mind or even notice it that much. The supporters are stunned when you mention this because they are convinced he’s actively on the stump.

We are going in the direction where people will accept a plastic doll with a tribal sign as their candidate and aggressively campaign for their totem.

Originalist Sin

The only thing that will save SCOTUS and will be very good for the country is a bunch of strict originalists* on the bench. They should refuse to legislate, should stop looking for penumbras of something utterly unintended in the Constitution, and force the legislature to legislate.

The reason why there are fewer originalists than there should be is that this is an approach that makes the courts less important and less powerful. And who wants to have less power?

All I want to know about Barrett is how much of an originalist she is. Everything else is fluff and distraction.

Originalists are hounded and vilified for pretend infractions because their real, unmentioned sin is that they refuse to make themselves useful to those who want a shortcut that makes democracy unnecessary.

* For non-US readers, an originalist is a jurist who interprets the Constitution as it was originally written and intended.

Book Notes: Robert Galbraith’s The Cuckoo’s Calling

I said I was going to plow through all of the books in JK Rowling’s Cormoran Strike series and that’s exactly what I’m doing.

The Cuckoo’s Calling is the first novel in the series. It’s super funny, never boring but the mystery is rickety and unconvincing. JK Rowling didn’t yet to know what she was doing in this genre. The book is still better than 90% of mysteries but it’s nothing like her latest, Troubled Blood. That one was really outstanding.

On to number two in the series.