Culinary Discovery of 2020

My biggest culinary discovery of 2020 was Swad Coriander Chutney. That little bastard is a savior for so many recipes. Today, for instance, I was making a two-bean chili. But I have no chili. Or tomato paste. All I had was the two beans, some ground beef, and some rice. And some really good Mexican dried oregano. It was going to be a very bland chili. But I made a sofrito with the chutney and some garlic, fried up the ground beef in it, and it’s divine.

I put it in soups, casseroles, everything.

3 thoughts on “Culinary Discovery of 2020

  1. This sounds tasty. Quite frankly, I am trying to enjoy my simple food pleasures while I can. There may come a day where I can’t buy them because the world is going to hell in a handbasket.


  2. Try their mint chutney. It trumps even the coriander chutney, at least when used as a dip (maybe not necessarily to fix curries though).


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