Bunny Rabbit’s Picnic Worldview

This is a really great old parenting book. A ton of stuff in it is mega dated but I found my parenting motto in it, and it’s expressed better than I ever could:

We want our young daughters to have a Bunny Rabbit’s Picnic view of the world.

That’s my whole parenting goal right there. I’ve never seen this Bunny Rabbit’s Picnic but I know exactly what these authors mean.

2 thoughts on “Bunny Rabbit’s Picnic Worldview”

  1. Bunny rabbit’s are prey animals. They pretty much exist to get eaten by something larger. They live at near constant “attention”–especially while devouring Mr. MacGregor’s cabbages. Except for Peter Rabbit, of course, who gets caught!

    I hope you will teach your bunny rabbit to beware of circling hawks.


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