It’s on Kindle!

A new edition of Reflection is on Kindle! It has photos and it’s cheaper than those Ukrainian publishers were charging.

It has my name on the cover but I’m the literary translator, not the actual author.

For those who don’t know, it’s a novel about the Jewish part of my family during Stalinism and after. It’s all true. The names and the photos are real. The stories are all real, too. The main character is the same person who this blog (and my kid) is named after.

There aren’t any horrors or anything like that. It’s a funny, cute, endearing book. My father, who is a noted Ukrainian writer, wrote the book and I translated.

My name is on the cover because that’s the only way to publish it on Kindle in the US.

8 thoughts on “It’s on Kindle!

  1. Congrats Clarissa. I will read the book once I’m done with my current books. I didn’t know your dad is a writer. It must have been interesting growing up.

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    1. He only started writing after he emigrated in his late forties. Before that, it was all about scratching out a living and it’s not like anybody would have published a Jewish guy in the USSR.


  2. I’m so excited to know your name and be able to read this! I’m currently deep in the Gulag Archipelego on Audible, I’ve downloaded your book, what a great thing to read next. I love your blog, I learn so much from it. Thank you!

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