What’s Inside Mommy?

Klara’s new thing is that she can see through things.

“I know what’s inside this box, mommy! I have magic and I can see right through it! I know what’s inside the dolly!”

“Can you see what’s inside me?” I ask.

“Of course,” she says instantly. “It’s love! You are filled with love.”

7 thoughts on “What’s Inside Mommy?

  1. This makes me want to find a portal to hop through so I can revisit my children when they were younger. Once they hit their teens they turned into silent, smelly, self-absorbed schmucks. At least now my 24 year old will let me hug him. But I miss those innocent, emotional affirmations–back before I discovered I was the worst parent on the planet. (Yesterday it was because I wouldn’t let my child go play with his friends after getting into trouble at school.

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    1. “I wouldn’t let my child go play with his friends”

      Worst. Mother…… EVER!!!!!

      I’m just amazed your portrait hasn’t been on the cover of “Crappy Parents Monthly” or maybe they’re saving the May issue for you…

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      1. Oh, no, she can’t be on the cover, because I was the cover Mom this month: I told my kids they had to finish their math before they could go play outside. At 11am. On a weekday.

        I am basically the wicked stepmother out of Cinderella.


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