Messaging or Truth

Here is a completely serious question. When a child gets vaccinated, nobody tells you “here’s a measles vaccine, make sure you isolate the child to prevent contagion for the rest of her life”. A vaccine is supposed to be the end of the conversation, not the beginning. We get the vaccine to avoid hiding and fearing for the rest of our lives. Right?

So what is the point of this COVID vaccine if it does none of that? If you still have to mask, distance, and quarantine, then what’s the point?

I keep hearing that “yes, the messaging on the COVID vaccine is all wrong.” But is it really the messaging? Or is it the truth? Is the truth that nobody is going to allow us to resume our lives post-vaccine? Are we being told the truth and we refuse to listen because it’s bad news?

Here’s a statement from Fauci. Note that even restaurants are off limits post-vaccine:

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    PCR Inventor Kary Mullis Talks About Anthony Fauci —
    “he doesn’t know anything really about anything”
    Posted on Dec 10, 2020
    Watch ➥ LIBRY | YouTube
    Kary Mullis
    Kary Mullis (1944 – 2019) was an American biochemist and a chemistry Nobel laureate. He earned the prized recognition for his invention (alongside Michael Smith) of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) method.
    The method he invented has been of extreme use and importance in both medical research and forensic science, however he was critical of its use in public health for quick tests.
    Besides being known as a science genius, Kary Mullis was also known as an eccentric and flamboyant figure.
    January 19, 2021 – Dr Martin issues the ‘The Fauci COVID-19 Dossier‘.
    Transcript of Clips

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  2. With the exception of Israel, no country has easily accessible vaccines right now, so there’s already quite a bit of complaining about who gets the vaccine and when, how group X is unfairly prioritized over Y and so on. Add to that lifting restrictions on group X since they’re vaccinated, and you’ll likely get a revolution on your hands. The fact that Israel, who does have a fuckton of Pfizer doses, is lifting restrictions on vaccinated people entirely makes this interpretation more plausible, for me.

    We have similar messaging going on in Romania – vaccine removes the need for quarantine in case you’re a COVID19 case contact/have travelled in a high incidence area, but nothing else. Here the motivation is that we’re not going to create two classes of citizens based on personal medical decisions, so the restrictions stay on for everyone until the incidence rate in a given area is below certain numbers, and of course the vaccine helps with that, so they’re encouraging people to get vaccinated. As the incidence rate went down after the autumn wave, the stronger restrictions were lifted like clockwork, so I’ve no reason to worry about the rest of them staying on.


    1. These are just assumptions, though, right? Nobody is promising that we will be able to travel freely and lead normal lives when “the incidence rate is below a certain number”? Nobody has specified that number, right?

      As for stronger restrictions being lifted, we live in different places. I haven’t seen my family in over a year. Their restrictions have been strengthened into the stratosphere in the past month. My campus is emptier than it was in the Fall. I’m glad you are fine but here things are getting worse and the restrictions today are a lot more severe than at any other point since May.


      1. Not for US, no, and not for travel anywhere since that’s dependent on what other countries do. But as you’ve said, we live in different places, and in here we know when schools and restaurants open or close, and which countries we can travel to/from without being quarantined on return. So if my guys said that we can do whatever after the vaccine and your guys said to stay locked down even after the vaccine, I’d definitely be suspecting something was up and that the restrictions were there to stay, but since my guys have the same messaging your guys do on the subject(albeit a bit better explained/motivated) and that lockdowns are definitely not here to stay on our side, I’m guessing that this specific bit of messaging is not for the purpose of keeping you locked in forever.

        I’m really sorry about what you have to deal with, by the way. Lockdowns are hard enough, but when it’s all as unpredictable as what’s been happening in the US or Canada, and it seems there’s no way out, it’s even harder…


  3. According to real world data from Israel, it takes up to three weeks for the vaccine to become effective. You don’t just the shot and develop immediate immunity.


      1. That’s true. Seems like they just don’t want people to relax even a bit. These healthcare people are just seriously uptight, and in a way it is their job to be. That’s where I think governments need to step in and reign them in. Florida is doing just that and I’m OK with it.


  4. The point of having people take the (incomplete, practically untested) vaccine at this point in time is to provide drug companies with test subjects, politicians with talking points, and soft headed people with a false sense of security.

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  5. Looks like one (Dem!) member of our local school board is tired of this shit:

    Also, while our public schools are only open two days a week (and the magnet school mentioned in the article is entirely remote), bars, gyms, restaurants, literally everything else is open with no curfews. While I’m deeply thankful for this, why on earth are schools still not fully open? It makes absolutely no sense. I can go to a crowded sporting event or a concert but a child can’t go to school five days a week.


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