Winter Is Over

I’m walking across campus in a summer blouse and sweating bullets. Just like every stupid pseudo-winter we have around here.

Only a week ago I was happily shoveling the driveway.

P.S. 64°F. I’m wishing I had put on sunscreen in the morning.

7 thoughts on “Winter Is Over

      1. I personally don’t mind the cold, but I don’t like snow. My favorite climate is gloomy, overcast skies and lots of rain. I love rain! I would move to the Pacific Northwest in a heartbeat. Alas, hubs hates rain. Also doesn’t want to go a red state, so the south is out of the question, too. He doesn’t mind snow. So here we are, on the frozen planet of Hoth. Fuckin’ ice dams are a perennial headache, as is the need to rake the roof to prevent ice-dam formation.

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  1. When it is 16 C outside / inside, my mother turns on air conditioner to 25-27 C and I start choking. The problem for me is not temperature per se; I am the one who is against using air conditioner in summer too. The air conditioner simply sucks all oxygen out of the room so even after it’s turned off after 15 minutes the air is lacking till one opens windows. 😦

    On another topic, Rod interviewed the English novelist James Wilson about his latest work, ‘Coyote Fork’, “a taut thriller about a British journalist who finds himself in Silicon Valley, on the trail of killers.” The author was inspired to write the novel after awakening by chance to “Big Tech’s global reach and unprecedented power to shape behaviour.”

    May be, you would enjoy this thriller and, if not, at least enjoy the interview. Iknow I did. 🙂


    1. That’s why I hate living here. From April to mid-October, the air conditioning is on non-stop. I hate it! It does suck out all the air. But otherwise the climate here is not survivable. 90F heat and 90% humidity. It’s hell.


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