Life in Academia

On the same day, I received a notification that the Provost approved my promotion to Full Professor and an invitation to give a talk on how I’m being denied opportunities in academia as a BIPOC woman.

I’ve been studying my appearance in the mirror ever since. I’m one of the two women invited and, Lord have mercy on my sins, I looked up the other woman’s photo. She does look more BIPOC than me. Everybody does, of course, but I’m still very confused.

How do I respond without getting myself onto any lists of moral reprobates?

11 thoughts on “Life in Academia

  1. congratulations!

    There were some efforts aimed at officially recognizing Slavic people as some sort of a discriminated minority… Somewhere in Oregon or Washington… Somehow it all got confused with “people from the former USSR”… But you still fit.


  2. “She does look more BIPOC than me.”

    Aren’t you a “Brilliant Intelligent Professional Optimistic Clever” woman?

    You look pretty BIPOC to me!

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