What’s for Breakfast?

My favorite breakfast joint finally reopened, and the breakfast that used to cost $9 now costs $17.

This is a local place, not a chain. Everything that’s good is now for people who are quite well-off.

8 thoughts on “What’s for Breakfast?

  1. What do you think of latest Ukrainian news?

    // Зеленским (очевидно, готовясь к войне) на Украине реальные власти предписали всем провайдерам заблокировать аж 426 сайтов. В уже опубликованном списке на почетном 409 месте – 409.https://livejournal.com/

    То есть, говоря попросту – весь ЖЖ целиком.



    1. They are trying shut down Medvedchuk and control the oligarchy. It’s long overdue, so I’m glad. I feel no shame to admit that I was mistaken about Zelensky. He’s been truly great for Ukraine. Amazing accomplishments. The things he’s done for the economy are stunning. I’ve never been happier to be wrong.


  2. Did restaurants close down in IL over the winter? (Sorry — from your blog, it sounds like life is almost normal over there…unlike my own blue state).

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    1. Well. The governor mandated everything to close, so officially it was all closed. I visited restaurants and maskless gyms that were supposed to be closed. But people didn’t want to get ruined so they remained open. The local authorities are Republican, so they didn’t persecute their neighbors for going against the governor.

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  3. Rod published a document, titled “NYU Faculty Cluster Hiring Initiative Roadmap,” which proposes new ways to recruit faculty. Thought you would be interested since you’re in academia and such initiatives may spread in today’s political climate.

    Rod’s source summarized it thusly (the link to the original document is below):

    //1. Traditional hiring (the department, the people with expertise in the field, do the hiring) is a roadblock to diversity, and must be “disrupted.”
    2. Groups with “similar research interests” (like critical race theory and intersectionality) can now form “clusters” that can do an end-run around traditional hiring and just put someone into a department.
    This is how the woke are going to finally conquer STEM. Instead of, say, physicists, the departments will increasingly be occupied by people who write papers like “Quantum Mechanics: A Force for White Domination.”



    1. We are currently not hiring anybody at all and cutting every existing tenure line that can be cut, so this sounds like a problem of people on another planet.


    2. Cluster hiring initiatives in STEM are old and many Universities are moving away from them now. Most of these initiatives, in my experience, pay only lip service to diversity and serve to hire well-connected buddies (or former students of well-connected buddies) of people on search committees. There is really nothing to see there, especially considering that many universities have hiring freezes in place nowadays.

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