What’s Happening in Israel

There’s been a large protest against anti-vaccination passports in Israel, which is good. Still, Netanyahu promises to pump everybody, including children, of these vaccines every six months. Because they work so well that you need to be a lifelong patient.

With all due respect to reader el, the population of Israel is one of the most brainwashed populations on Earth. Things are worse in North Korea but not by much.

There’s no doubt that Israelis will consent to the passports and the regular poisoning of children. And then all of us will be clubbed over the head with how we need to follow suit because “it works in Israel.”

People who irresponsibly cheer the horror happening in Israel should understand that it’s a trial run for what will be done to them.

4 thoughts on “What’s Happening in Israel

  1. Long time reader here, first time responder. I’d like to chime in a moment if I may. I believe this is quite a bit more serious than it is being portrayed as being. I fully believe the bible, the word of God, and to me what we are seeing now and have seen over the last year has quite eerie echos of the mark of the beast. Please don’t take my words out of context I don’t think this vaccine is the mark, but it and these vaccine passports look quite similar to what would need to take place if one was to issue the mark.

    By that I mean you can’t just pull something out of nowhere, even the fastest spawned riot in history had to have fuel and a spark, it didn’t just appear out of thin air. Likewise a mark (most like a chip or digital tattoo) that allows one to buy or sell, or the opposite, without it one cannot buy or sell doesn’t just appear. The bible makes it clear whoever takes it is damned. Likewise the bible also makes it clear the church (those saved by the blood of Jesus) will not be here for the tribulation. So it is reasonable to assume the mark won’t show up till after things start getting bad. So getting back to the point things like that don’t just show up. They need a foundation to support them. The fist is technology to implement the mark as well as the technology to run and receive information. For instance how can you buy using the mark if there isn’t any tech to well, use the mark to buy or sell. For that matter this tech would need to be widespread and readily available. This means the logistics to produce the chips or tattoos must be in place. Then second you have acceptance and this I believe is the key issue. Humans are like cats, have fun trying to get them to do what you want. Especially after large scale panic (and the rapture of the church will definitely cause panic.) So this would need to be something that people already think is a good idea, a reasonable response, something that will help and make life easier. More specifically it would need to be something being accepted but not yet complete before the rapture. Remember the church won’t be allowed to take the mark.

    That brings us to the worldwide “pandemic” the disruption of life, the disruption of all of the economies of the world, the vaccines, and lastly the latest the vaccine passports.

    With the disruption of life we were told to wear a mask, then we were told just shut everything down for a few weeks to flatten the curve. Then we were told a miracle a new vaccine could be taken. Then we were told to keep wearing masks. Then another round is required, masks are still required, and now you can travel and shop, but only if you take the vaccine and have some form of id showing it. (Currently only Israel, but will almost certainly sped soon.)
    On each of those we were told do this and life will return to normal, and each time we were lied to, more insanity and more restrictions were put in place. That and people started to become more and more willing to do whatever they have to in order for life to go back to normal.

    This I believe is the key. That things will keep getting pushed until the world gets to a point down the road where its told the easiest way for life to go back to normal is through a chip or a tattoo that will have your vaccine records on it, kind of like the passports, just easier and more convenient. From there its a short hop to using them to buy or sell. After all its easy and convenient.

    So to sum it up, I believe that what we are seeing is the foundation, the setting up for the mark. As a side note I’d like to briefly mention 3 other prophecies that like this one need foundations that are now either complete or soon to be complete. As in they could not have happened up until that point. The first one is that of the fig tree generation. Jesus stated in the book of Matthew 24:34 “Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.” If this was interpreted correctly that generation started in a single day with the nation of Israel was reborn. The second and third ones are from Daniel 9:27 “And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.” The second prophecy is that the antichrist will confirm the covenant with many. That being a peace treaty between Israel and many nations. For close to 70 years Israel only had 2 peace treaties. Obviously two is not many. However sometime in the last 3 years the Abraham Accords were created and many nations have signed them. Scripture states that the antichrist will confirm and strengthen this covenant, which means said covenant had to either be started or in place first. Lastly is the Jewish Temple or rather the 3rd temple. The 2nd temple was destroyed by the Romans somewhere around 36 or 46AD I believe (my dates might be wrong on that.) That too was prophesied in the old testament. For the antichrist to preform the abomination of desolation in the temple there has to be a temple. Not to mention (trained) priests, garments, and a unblemished red heifer that meets special requirements. Why is this important. Because as of a few years ago the Temple Institute reported that they were now completely ready to build the temple. All the materials needed to construct it are in storage and ready to be assembled. The garments are ready. The priests specifically from the Levite Tribe of Israel have been found and trained and are ready to go. They have all the funding and workers needed. Last year two red heifers were reported to be of the right age, unblemished and met the criteria. All of these things are now in place for the first time in nearly 2000 years. The Temple institute reported as soon as the word was given the temple could be built sometime between three weeks and three months.

    The point is everything we are seeing across the world points to the soon rapture of the church and shortly after the return of Jesus.

    I very rarely comment on the blogs I read ,and this really wasn’t how I imagined my 1st response to be, but I feel this is a subject that truly is quite serious. If all that is happening is just a coincidence then I may look like a fool, however if we are approaching what all signs seem to indicate then telling people beforehand is a matter of the salvation and damnation. Anyway thank you to anyone who read for your time and attention. – W.


    1. William, you’re not the first person to speculate about the mark, and the current crisis. “Health passports” raise some red flags for a lot of us. But have you ever read up on what other denominations say about the rapture? I grew up in an evangelical-ish church where people were very enthusiastic about that idea, but honestly, I don’t see much in scripture or church tradition to support it. In historical terms, it’s a very new idea– and in the church, I think it behooves us to be skeptical about theological innovation. There will be tribulations. There have been many already. And we have no excuse to be lazy about our spiritual health and discipline, because we’re as likely as the Christians before us to experience those tribulations. Bad things are coming, and we need to have our souls in order perpetually, like the wise virgins with their lamps, because nobody is going to come whisk us all away beforehand.

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      1. Hi William! Thank you for your comment. Whatever everybody’s theology is, it’s undeniable that we are definitely being pushed further and further with promises if normalcy somewhere down the road if only we comply with more and more humiliating and downright dangerous things.

        When, when will people start noticing that these are all lies? Nothing will give us our lives back if we ourselves don’t take them back. It’s all so close within our reach, if only people stop listening to the lies and propaganda for a few days. That’s all that is needed. Their brain will clear and they will start getting better.


    2. William, I think that many Christians who take their faith seriously agree that there is a spiritual dimension to current events. One interesting idea I have heard in recent weeks is that the world history goes in cycles, with the various events foreshadowing the final conflict that is yet to come. Only time will tell whether what we are living through right now is the beginning of the end times (that can last a very long time), or one of the cycles.

      Like methylethyl said, it is not hard to see that some form of persecution is coming for us. And in many ways, it is already here. Christians worldwide are being cut off from their communal worship, that is not normal. This is unprecedented, no other pandemic in the past has caused something like this. Many religious organizations and individuals are being censored and silenced by tech companies. Did you know that the only country in the EU that has been able to keep their churches continually open is the Czech Republic, which is one of the most atheist countries in the world? I find that immensely strange. In the rest of the EU, it looks like many Christians will be barred from entering their churches for the second Easter in a row. The US is right now in the process of passing the Equality act that will have very bad consequences for all kinds of Christian organizations and will strip away many religious and conscience protections that are currently in place. Unfortunately, even if the virus disappears tomorrow, the CRT, big tech censorship, efforts to put in place legislation such as the equality act, are here to stay. Ultimately, the events will unfold the way they will. We need to keep our eyes open, our wits about us and take care of our souls. What comes to mind for the current situation is Matthew 10:16 – be shrewd as serpents and simple as doves.


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