A Russian Joke

A new joke from Russia:

The descendants of Pushkin’s slaves are suing the BLM.

For those who don’t know, Pushkin, Russia’s greatest poet and the founder of the Russian literature was black. At least, according to the US standards that are based on the “drops of blood” theory. He was also a slave-owner known for sexual abuse of the women he owned.

It’s stupid to explain jokes, I know. But it’s a really good one. Russians and Ukrainians find the BLM hilarious because slavery existed there until 1861.

One thought on “A Russian Joke

  1. Everyone knows the black race(s) have “the monopoly on” all claims of being “the only ancestral demographic to have ever experienced oppression and structured conspiracy and ethnic discrimination in the whole history of the world and of mankind”
    ….all those claims of “internment camps”, “the holocaust”, the “Inquisition” and the alleged “torture and execution of heretics”—-don’t matter. Reparation for the wrongs done to blacks throughout history will “solve all our social problems for the rest of eternity”. We will become a “pure and wholesome humanity” afterwards.


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