Cuomo Land

When Cuomo was murdering elderly people by the thousand and concealing the deaths to be able to continuing doing it, nobody batted an eyelash.

But now that he’s sinned against the puritanical mortality, he’s going to be persecuted.

Of course, it’s still a win for the good to remove this homicidal maniac from power but having to read about how adult women were “groomed” with some utterly inane comments is aggravating.

8 thoughts on “Cuomo Land

  1. I think there is more to the story. Cuomo is so powerful and scary that no one wanted to go against him. SOMETHING made Leticia James willing to go up against him on the nursing home question. (After months of people like me and Republicans being aware of his disastrous policy and trying to get attention paid to it). Then there was the whistleblower on him lying to Justice Dept, and then finally the harassment allegation. Those could all happen because of something that shifted before that made it safe to go after him. Maybe someone has idea what it is.


  2. Yeah, I don’t think it was the sexual harassment. Amanda’s right: there’s some other reason they decided to shuck him, and then suddenly there was space in the media for sexual harassment and nursing home malfeasance. You’ll notice Biden is still untouchable, in spite of reams of sexual harassment claims.

    I too am very curious what it was, that made him so suddenly OK to take down. Do they have someone else lined up for his job? Did he fail to pay off the right people? Get caught with his hand in the till? Sleep with a mobster’s girlfriend?


    1. It’s a trial run before taking out Biden. Too many old white guys. It’s not a good look. They are practicing a removal of “a liberal icon” before they do it to the really big fish.


      1. ” a trial run before taking out Biden”

        I was wondering about that…. I originally assumed (and think the plan originally was) for him to step down around mid-terms but the cognitive decline is a bit too clear so they may be moving things up.

        I think President Harris is gonna be a rough ride….


        1. The guy is literally falling apart. I have great compassion for dementia sufferers and I feel bad for him.

          Who is really in control there is an interesting question. Apparently, Syria was bombed without Harris it Biden getting informed. They are both that unnecessary.

          I have my suspicions, of course, but we’ll see.


    2. You are right methylethyl. I was recently chatting with a friend who lives in NYC and keeps track of local NY politics. Apparently Cuomo has recently launched an enquiry into corruption among some Democrats in the NY legislature. The hospital story (which BTW Alex Berenson has been screaming about on Twitter since May, but was apparently “unknown”) came out in the MSM the day after this happened, and the sexual harassment followed soon after.

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      1. Oh, well that explains it! Thanks! From outside NY it was rather opaque– it’s clear the media doesn’t give a crap about the old people or the female coworkers, but that someone gave them the greenlight to take him down by whatever means necessary, and that the actual reason wasn’t being stated.


  3. If “Identity Theft” was labeled a “sex offense” we wouldn’t have a need for all these elaborate cyber-security “pay us some protection money”-style services (a.k.a. LifeLock, Home Title Lock, and the like).


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