Soliciting Donations

The local bookstore has two tall shelves of Dr Seuss. But not a single copy of the books that have been banned and I was looking for. Here are the titles:

“On Beyond Zebra!”

“Scrambled Eggs Super!”

“The Cat’s Quizzer”

If anybody has old paper copies they no longer need, I’m accepting donations. Please reach out.

16 thoughts on “Soliciting Donations

  1. Except for On Beyond Zebra, I’ve never even heard of these, and I read a lot of Dr. Seuss. And this was in the 90s, so it’s not because they were disappeared. These would seem to be his less popular books.

    Btw, be sure to get your hands on Julie of the Wolves and Island of the Blue Dolphins. These are historically important children’s books that I’ve seen end up on lists.

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  2. I don’t have these particular books otherwise I would have gifted them to your daughter. But an idea: if your public library has them and they have to remove them from circulation, maybe they would be willing to sell/give them to you?

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  3. I know that you are interested in paper copies, but Barnes and Noble still has a nook version of the cat’s quizzer available. It should be possible to convert that to pdf for safekeeping, so that they cannot automatically pull it from your device.

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  4. You really should look into books that were “cancelled” previously. Dr. Seuss is far from the first author to be blacklisted. When I was a kid, I read, and very much enjoyed, Forrest Carter’s “The Education of Little Tree”. I think you’d be hard pressed to find that in a library now. I remember googling the author to see what else he’d written, at some point, and being practically blown out of my chair by the hate spewing out of the search results.

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      1. I know! But I didn’t know any of that when I read the book, and I did like the book. It’s such an odd thing. It seems worth pondering, IMO, who the guy was, that he could have that book in him, and also write for the klan.

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    1. Oh, please, no. We live our lives between Dr Seuss and the Bernstein Bears. God, I hate all this.

      My brain has been so short-circuited by this insanity that yesterday in the woods I was directing my daughter how not to step in the mud and said “don’t step on the black part of the trail.” And immediately I felt a fear that maybe I was using the word “black” in some socially unapproved way. I didn’t used to be this way. This was done to me in adulthood. Imagine what happens to the brain of the children who grow up with this.

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      1. I’m just relieved we can say “black” again. Replacing that one simple syllable with the seven-syllable “African-American” –which also subtly implies that black people are less American than I am– was really tedious, and always felt like a bit of an insult.

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