Wide Category

Look up the milky white Taylor-Joy who has a very white father from the whitest country in South America and ponder the fact of her being in the same category as Queen Latifah.

The reasons why Argentina is so white have to do with the policies if racial cleansing and population replacement that were popular in 19th-century Argentina. But US leftists don’t care about that. To them, everybody who isn’t a US white is “a person of color,” which to them means “defective.”

3 thoughts on “Wide Category

  1. Isn’t this the actress that redefined herself as ‘white latina’ after being referred to as an aoc (actor of color)?

    And while she’s certainly white I can imagine lots of other latinos who would be mortified to be referred to as poc’s (though they might not show it in public but they would just be dying inside…).

    There’s a tradition in parts of (very racially mixed) Latin America of racial self-identification and I’ve known a few with very prominent Native American* features who warble on about Spanish grandmothers and how blonde they were as children… not to mention a highly educated and accomplished lady who used what looked like theatrical makeup to lighten her face while apparently thinking nobody would notice her much darker arms….

    *I just have more experience with Latinos from countries with significant Native American rather than African heritage though I’m told the same thing happens in those countries as well…


    1. That’s absolutely true. We talk a lot about this in class, and I’ve had Hispanic students tell me privately that they are grateful because finally they understand why they always considered themselves white at home but in the US they aren’t. I tell them honestly that Americans are messed up about race and we must be patient with them. I can see a lot of relief in their reactions.


    2. I have heard this about Latin America, from Latin Americans, while we were living there. But we lived in such a funny little bubble that most of the people we knew and were friendly with were Indios (their word, not mine!) who had moved to the big city to work or go to school. So we never saw it in action. I’m still curious about it, and wonder if being foreigners put us into a similar category, socially.


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