Missing Connection

A friend says she can’t meet because it’s tax season and she gets extra shifts at work. Her job is doing African hairstyles at the mall. I’m sure there’s a connection between her job and the tax season that I’m missing. Can anybody explain this?

I’d ask her myself but I won’t see her until next weekend.

7 thoughts on “Missing Connection

  1. This is the time of year when those of us in the lower tax brackets get our tax returns. Her clientele has temporary disposable income.

    We go to great lengths to avoid having to buy a used car during tax season for the same reason. Everybody tacks an extra thousand dollars or more on their asking price, because they know there are a lot of people in the market for a cheap ride, who suddenly have $6k in cash to spend.

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  2. Well, I figured up my taxes today (I always delay filing until April 15 because every year I owe the government a lot of money).

    To get in the proper mood for that task, I binge-watched six episodes of the old The Untouchables crime drama first. After watching about fifty people get machine-gunned, a dozen hoods get shot in the back by their double-crossing partners, multiple low-lives get beaten senseless, half the small businesses in 1930’s Chicago fire-bombed by mob extortionists, and every single episode ending with hero Elliot Ness in a violent shoot-out with the criminals, I felt prepared to sit down and get my tax preparation over with for the year.

    No, I didn’t identify with either the victims or the gangsters — just needed to get in the right mood to do my taxes.

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