Taking It Seriously

I see this kind of thing, and it makes me not want to buy the product. Not because I didn’t know that Goya is “Hispanic-owned” but because I had my fill of this cheap, contemptuous didacticism back in the USSR.

But that’s not even the worst part. The worst part is that in the USSR nobody was so excruciatingly stupid that they’d sincerely think this is a good thing. And here there are people who are that. . . simple. If at least we could all roll our eyes at this and scoff, that would make things easier. But the way everything is, you never know who in your acquaintance might be taking this – or the masks, or “the most diverse cabinet in history,” or “Biden solved poverty,” etc – seriously.

8 thoughts on “Taking It Seriously

  1. Is it a mainstream American supermarket or a frou-frou place?
    Looks weird.

    On another topic, today is March 8. 🙂


    1. Happy international women’s day! We are going to a restaurant tomorrow (it’s still Sunday here), and N will give us presents. The tradition is alive! Especially since it involves presents.


  2. “what is the meaning of the price that is in the orange section?”

    Price per pound (weight). You can read it on one of them if you enlarge the picture.
    On the other hand it’s not entirely a direct conversion because a five pound bag of rice at $1.05 per pound should be $5.25 and not $5.29….


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