A Disappointment

Bernie Sanders, everybody:

Just in case anybody still sighed over his loss. He could have kept quiet, at least, if he doesn’t have the balls to oppose Newsom. But no, he has to go make an idiot out of himself, and for what? The party that betrayed him to promote slick, evil bastards like Newsom?

Pathetic, truly pathetic.

6 thoughts on “A Disappointment

  1. He isn’t a disappointment. He’s a racketeer. His job is and always was to jump on stage and either divert votes towards Hillary Clinton or whoever was important that day, or just to help steer the conversation in some way with whichever demographic needed to be manipulated on behalf of his gang/the Democrats.

    I mean seriously, the man says that he’s a socialist, yet talks like a communist, and lives the life of a millionaire. Anyone who knows that and persists in taking him on face value should, imo, stop and have a think.


    1. I don’t understand why he found it easy to go against the party establishment before that establishment betrayed and humiliated him twice but not after.


      1. TDS. He seems to buy into the “Trump is an existential threat” stuff, so he’s willing to support these hacks if it stops the evil, evil Republicans.


        1. Trump is gone, though. Opening schools in California won’t bring him back. California is solidly Dem. People are simply tired of the lockdown. It’s not partisan.


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