I’m Spotless

For the International Women’s Day, N gave me a fuchsia ballroom gown with a generous décolletage.

“It’s nice,” Klara commented, “but it’s broken in the front. You look like a ladybug without spots, Mommy.”

There won’t be a photo for now because I need heels, a hairdo, ñ and ideally a page to carry the train behind me.

But it’s really sweet that this is how my husband sees me. I have a feeling that a tiara is coming next.

4 thoughts on “I’m Spotless

    1. That would have very. . . erm. . . vulgar connotations in Russian. 🙂 But then everything has vulgar connotations in Russian.

      I saw a photo online of a language class in Spain that teaches Russian swear words to Spaniards to help them understand what people are saying in video games. :-)))


      1. “vulgar connotations in Russian”

        Always a danger with google translate… (though I did see that Liquid Modernity was Текучая современность in Russian (at least according to wikipedia) so I thought it might be safe.


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