Don’t Question Slogans

The Journal of the American Medical Association has a podcast. In a recent episode, the host was mildly skeptical of (the utterly meaningless and idiotic) concept of structural racism. Mind you, he didn’t call it that. I did.

Be that as it may, the podcaster was accused of “literal violence” (what else?) and will now be forced to undergo a struggle session titled “a Restorative Justice session.” It will involve the poor podcaster’s entire department and the diversity office. The professor in question is a surgeon at UCLA. Very known in his field and highly respected. He’s now being destroyed over expressing some mild dislike of a slogan. And not even THE slogan. A slogan, one out of a million.

Please tell me some more about how I’m paranoid and worry over nothing.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Question Slogans

  1. Think about “Wear a mask”, “Stay at least 6 feet or more apart”, “Wash you hands” (folks have to be reminded of THAT?)
    ….official public health directives—-from a society with streets and sidewalks full of litter and cigarette butts, that can’t seem to know how to take care of itself
    ….a lot like someone who never bathes and whose home is a pigsty and “hoarder’s paradise” giving you advise on how to “properly” do this and that—especially in a strongarm manner.


  2. The people who fund JAMA are the same ones being paid ungodly amounts of money to perform so-called sex change surgery, which I think encouraged a lot of the mindless braying about gender this and identity that.

    The way I see it, anyone who helped create a vortex of illogical stupidity shouldn’t be pitied in any way when their vortex or one of the other ones (the Everything Racist Vortex in this case) chews them up.

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  3. Racism is structural, it’s not just about how individuals feel about each other. There’s system-level discrimination against women, too. But the idea that everyone should say the same sentences about it all, esp. referencing bodies of academic work only a few have read, is problematic.

    I am saying this as I go into my overdue sexual harassment training for the year (state law), on which I have been procrastinating and not just because with these migraines I’ve been getting, clicking on a website (it’s an online course and test) is painful. It’s not that I’d engage in sexual harassment or be rude to people, it’s that I object to this training in saying and repeating the certain correct sentences.

    I mean. Memorizing a model dialogue to learn a grammatical concept in a foreign language is fine by me. But people say that is too rote. Yet in these trainings, we have to say ideological sentences. I don’t believe in forced prayer, forced salutation of the flag, forced anything.


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