Librarians Ban Books

Remember how we wondered if librarians were going to stand up to book bans?

The Chicago Public Library system is banning the same six Dr Seuss books Amazon and eBay banned earlier.

5 thoughts on “Librarians Ban Books

  1. I didn’t wonder about it for a single second. Most libraries take state money, which means that they express state stupidity on command.

    What I find curious is that so few people have mentioned that Amazon itself is (or was) primarily a book shop. When they banned Dr Seuss, the bookshop basically burnt books.


    1. I have no doubt that we are two breaths away from Amazon making the lists of people’s book purchases public to facilitate the persecution of those who bought “bad books.”


      1. According to what I have learned, I thought that such lists would never be made public, since making them public would result in everyone who bought the wrong books being quickly eliminated, which would make necessary finding a new enemy. It makes more sense in totalitarian logic to release the lists to the authorities so that there could be an ongoing stream of bad people presented to the public.

        Have I misunderstood something?


        1. Based on my experience, making them public would work better. No one will be sifting through all the names and books just for fun, so it would not automatically eliminate everyone. However, once your neighbor/coworker/political rival/family member gets motivated, they may go through the trouble to sift through your purchases and point out the offending books either to the appropriate authorities or simply post them to social media. Then the mob will do the rest.

          I have seen a similar scenario unfold where I am from after the government made public a list of collaborators/informants of the former regime with many ugly consequences. In that way, the government essentially crowd-sourced the work.

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