Next Step

The next step will be to demand QR codes that attest to your ideological purity. It will be done under the guise of anti-terrorist measures. Your entire digital footprint will be scanned and analyzed to diagnose you as ideologically healthy or diseased. Your access to public spaces will depend on the degree of the ideological compliance your digital footprint will reveal.

Absolutely will happen.

8 thoughts on “Next Step

    1. But remember, asking people to show an ID to vote is a horrible imposition. Everybody should have a smartphone with a vaccine ID but not an actual ID.


      1. I know, right? We’re definitely imposing on the poor when we ask for a state issued ID card that anyone can get by going down to the DMV office once every five or ten years.

        But requiring a smartphone that costs hundreds of dollars plus a monthly fee for service? That’s clearly not imposing on anyone.

        I can’t figure out which reality-defying logic leads there:

        1) The people who come up with this garbage are so insulated from real life that it never enters their empty little heads that other people might not own, or be able to use, smartphones, or

        2) They are aware of this, but assume it’s irrelevant because the poor wouldn’t be traveling or going to ticketed events anyway.


  1. Ugh. I suppose I could say “at least Israel also allows proof of having COVID-19 to get public access” but I think no matter what the list of exemptions are, this whole thing is incredibly dangerous and idiotic.

    No matter how they do it, it’s bound to create two tiers of life – “normal” for those either willing to jump through the hoops or with the financial means to purchase forgeries of the necessary documents, and the lower quality life for those who do not want to get the vaccine (for whatever reason, so that includes those with a genuine medical prohibition) and those who don’t have the means to get access. I guess that’s what they’ve been hoping for all along – to find a way to exclude those who disagree with their ideologies from participating in society – so it doesn’t shock me. The only thing that does is how many idiots are willing to go along with it.

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  2. It was never a true epidemic from the beginning. It was already planned beginning as early as 96. Ask yourself this question; why would I want to take an experimental vaccine without being given the vaccine data sheet, for a pathogen that has never been isolated since 2003, for a viral infection with a 99.75% survival rate!


  3. Hey, at least they’re admitting that the vaccine works. I know COVID pessimists who say that even after being vaccinated it still won’t be safe to do anything.

    Screw that. I get my second shot 10 days before Easter and I am looking forward to attending Mass.


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