Cart Before Horse

Here’s what I really don’t get. Why isn’t it easier to take the very cheap, effective, and time-tested medication after you test positive for COVID instead of taking a highly experimental treatment before you even got sick?

The very first of these much-touted “vaccines” has already been banned in a dozen countries because it causes blood clots in healthy people.

Why isn’t it better to treat the tiniest minority of people who develop noticeable symptoms from COVID than to give everybody an experimental gene therapy whose effects can turn out to be absolutely anything?

18 thoughts on “Cart Before Horse

  1. “Why isn’t it easier”

    Simplest answer…. because the ‘vaccine’ is the whole point of the exercise. It’s a ‘solution’ looking for a problem.
    All along they’ve shunned effective policies and effective treatments in favor of dystopic exercises leading up to an experimental ‘treatment’.

    I’m not convinced that the AZ vaccine is especially dangerous (the blood clot cases seemed hyped up rather than organic concern, especially compared to some of the reactions to the more experimental treatments) but too many were taking it (a real vaccine) and not the experimental treatment that’s the priority.

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    1. When I started seeing elderly, obese, really ill people getting treated for COVID and recovering within a couple of days without any hospitalization, I wondered, why isn’t this on the news. Most people still don’t know that COVID is not only highly survivable but also treatable.

      I agree that everything bad about AZ will be hyped up while everything negative about Pfizer and Moderna will be silenced. Most people will never find out because they are too lazy even to look


      1. “Most people still don’t know that COVID is not only highly survivable but also treatable.”

        Medical reality check:

        The COVID virus also KILLS a LOT of people every day, including persons who aren’t elderly, obese, or otherwise ill, and it leaves some survivors, including young people, with severe permanent lung or other organ damage.

        The vaccines available in America have been given emergency approval, even though all formal testing isn’t complete, because these vaccines WORK — they give a high level of immunity for an as yet undetermined period, and if a vaccinated person does get COVID, the severity has CLEARLY been demonstrated to be significantly mitigated.

        All of this is in the news, too.

        I got my initial vaccine shot yesterday. The injection was painless, and as of yet I have experienced NO side effects at all. I’m looking forward to turning 76 next month, and at my age I would be very foolish to ignore the facts and wander about in blissful denial of the very real pandemic threat.

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        1. Yes, we’ve all heard this a million times on CNN. What I don’t understand is why people who are so convinced that mRNA technology WORKS don’t just get it and leave the rest of us in peace. I’ve never advocated forcing people not to take them or dragging anybody out of lockdown. Do whatever you want. Take heroin for all I care. But let’s not pretend there’s a serious debate here when I don’t have entire governments behind me willing to enforce my point of view and forcefully drag you away from your Pfizer shot. And you do.


          1. The problem is that vaccine deniers are delaying the U.S. the ability to achieve herd immunity, like that accomplished with polio and smallpox decades ago, and keeping a myriad of people from leaving their homes and going safely to a restaurant.

            I don’t personally care — I like not having to shave or make myself presentable every single day that I wake up — but I don’t have a family and children.

            The way to end this COVID nonsense isn’t to deny that it exists. Take your shot like a good citizen, and then go on your way.

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            1. OK, who’s denying that COVID exists? I see no use in these dramatic exaggerations. The moment you question the public policy, you immediately become a COVID denier and an anti-vaxxer. This is, frankly, ridiculous.

              What’s keeping young(ish) people and their children at home isn’t COVID. Millions of children worldwide, including mine, are in school. Millions of adults are at work in a physical location. None of this caused any outbreaks. It’s the failed public policy that keeps some people in lockdown. I’m sorry for them but it’s not my job to give them their freedom. I won’t become a guinea pig for a medical experiment for their sake. Especially since nobody even promised that anybody will be let back into school or out of lockdown as a result of accepting the gene therapy.


            2. I am glad to hear your side effects were minimal and I hope your second dose will go well as well. Several of my family members received both doses of the vaccine now, had only mild side effects and are much happier now as they feel safer. I am happy for them too.

              However, people who are concerned about taking the vaccine are not crazy and are not an obstacle to you or anyone else living a normal life. These particular vaccines are an experiment, everyone who is taking them at this point is a test subject. Even with the polio, no one was forcing every single person in the world to take the vaccine when it was first developed (which by the way took several years), the vaccination targeted children who suffer from the disease the most and some of the adults in the closest contact with them. A similar approach would make sense here. I am also sure that the parents of children who received the tainted batch of polio vaccines in 1955 and developed polio felt really warm and fuzzy about the government led vaccination programs. From what I understand, the polio vaccination program in the US was actually halted for several years due to concerns with the Salk vaccine, so the polio vaccination program success is not the greatest example to invoke when trying to encourage people to take a newly developed vaccine…

              Finally, it will be difficult (if not impossible) to eradicate this virus and end this COVID nonsense by a vaccination program as it mutates fast. It is most likely here to stay like the various viruses that cause flu and other respiratory infections. We will simply have to learn to live with it.


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              1. At my age, I’d rather take my chances with the vaccine than the virus.

                So far, no congenital birth defects. We’ll see what happens with the second shot.


              2. Yes, people who can suffer from complications due to virus should definitely consider taking the vaccine. We now have enough data to know who they are.

                Should pregnant women also be taking a chance with the vaccine so that you and others feel safer? It’s not like the actual trials tested these vaccines on either pregnant animals or people. Pregnant women taking the vaccine now are unwittingly part of the trial and will have to live with any consequences.


  2. People are completely irrational about Covid-19. Fear outweighs logic. For instance, a friend of mine told me about Xlear nasal spray ( being an effective deterrent for Covid but nowhere have I seen that in the MSM. Which makes one wonder again what the “agenda” is behind this entire scenario.

    Pharmaceutical companies exist to make money. They do not exist to help anyone. (

    But I have learned from experience that living a healthy lifestyle (I cut sugar, soda and fast food and started walking every day and lost 150 pounds) is the best way to optimal health. I eat lots of vegetables and fresh fruit. And I went from having chronic bladder infections, sinus infections, bronchitis and contracting every odd virus floating around to rarely getting sick (as in maybe once a year). It interests me that I only learned this from experience–I don’t have to be afraid of contracting something because I know my ability to fight it off. But people who are unhealthy don’t want to be told they are unhealthy. They embrace their lifestyle. Just like an alcoholic craves his drink.

    I’d like to address the big lie told in the media about the thousands of people dying who had “no underlying health issues.” Just because someone isn’t diagnosed with high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes or a heart condition does not mean they are healthy.

    But to your point–yes, let’s make everyone take an experimental “vaccine” that isn’t even FDA approved. Let’s ignore the fact that they’ve been trying to create a coronavirus vaccine for decades but every time they go through trials, all the animals die from it. Yes, we must trust this one! Do your part! Protect your neighbor! Be a hero! Yes, you’re a guinea pig–and you will be treated like one–especially when you die after a cytokine storm erupts in your body or you have an adverse reaction after you come into contact with a coronavirus after receiving the “vaccine”. But you are a “hero” so your death is AWESOME.


  3. I am sure you know the answer, Clarissa, which is, as always, follow the money. If we do as you suggest, big pharma and the politicians they donate to, get very little cash. With the current system, they get a lot. So that’s the answer.

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  4. “Why isn’t it easier to take the very cheap, effective, and time-tested medication after you test positive for COVID instead of taking a highly experimental treatment before you even got sick?”

    Respectfully the framing of your question makes it unanswerable for me personally, since I don’t think that there is a time tested medication that is sufficiently effective against the virus. The virus is too new.

    Also as said above the determining factor isn’t what is easier, but rather what makes money for the ones in charge.


    1. Wait, what?

      “The Company intends to enroll approximately 6,750 pediatric participants in the U.S. and Canada ages 6 months to less than 12 years.”

      I have no words. What kind of a diseased maniac would hand over their infant to get experimented on with gene therapy?

      People are nuts. You’d have to murder me and burn the corpse before you do it to my baby.


      1. I am not really understanding what is happening either. Children are at very low risk from this disease, and there is no evidence that they are significant spreaders, so why even test the vaccine on them?

        I know people in my own family believing that everyone should get vaccinated, that getting a vaccine is a kindness to others. They get EXTREMELY UPSET if you suggest that you personally believe it is better to wait a little longer to see what these vaccines are doing, without even suggesting they do the same. They have swallowed the entire party line, and insist that everyone who does not comply should be imprisoned in their homes, prevented from flying, and not treated in hospitals in case they get sick. I guess kindness does not extend to those who have concerns about the vaccines. Sorry for the rant, but I think those are some of the people who would sign up their 6-month olds for vaccine trials. Fear is a very powerful motivator, and, unfortunately, many people are very afraid. I am also afraid, but I am afraid of people with totalitarian tendencies, not the virus.


        1. “Children are at very low risk from this disease, and there is no evidence that they are significant spreaders, so why even test the vaccine on them?”

          Most vaccines are given to children. About 5 years ago from memory, vaccine revenues were more than a billion dollars per week.

          It makes no sense to ask why companies that raise a billion dollars a week largely selling products for a certain age group are going to allow that market segment to remain unexploited.

          By the way, children do spread the virus enough to take note, though that is because the virus itself is so virulent that you have to take notice of it everywhere it appears.


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